Our Philosophy
How to make a difference in all your real estate transactions.
We are different.

We make a difference by bringing experience that was born and forged in the world we live in. Our senior staff has an acute understanding of a lender's perspective. This gives us a unique outlook on the nuances and complexities associated with property transactions.

The six-lined LCS logo is adapted from the 3,000 year-old Chinese text called the I Ching or Book of Changes. The I Ching consists of 64 hexagrams, each of whose combinations of broken and/or unbroken lines offers a keyhole glimpse into the meaning of a particular moment in time. The LCS hexagram of six unbroken lines represents the power of pure energy. We translate it as "Be Creative in Facing Challenges." Being creative in facing challenges comes down to seeing the business through the eyes of both the lender and the borrower and understanding their respective needs. Being practical in the transaction is important. Identifying alternative methods to collateralize the mortgage, finding the right type of environmental insurance policy or creating an escrow account to cover post-closing investigations and anticipated remedial costs are examples of LCS' practical and creative approach.

We customize all our products and services to meet your specific needs, and we work with you to learn exactly what those needs are. We see all your transactions from your point of view. We will provide what you need in the most affordable and efficient manner possible.

Our Philosophy