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Mary Facklam
Mary Facklam
Senior Vice President,
Environmental Due
Diligence Services

Mary Facklam has a broad base of experience in multiple aspects of environmental consulting. As Senior Vice President of Environmental Due Diligence Services at LCS, she has not only been involved with more than 10,000 Environmental Site Assessments, but she has also personally conducted more than 1,500 Phase I Environmental Site Assessments of commercial properties, including automotive dealerships, office buildings, and apartment complexes.

In addition, Ms. Facklam is responsible for the preparation of comprehensive environmental reports and is knowledgeable in environmental laws. She also manages the services of the technical writers and field technicians, which involves more than 2,300 reports annually.

Prior to being promoted to Senior Vice President, Ms. Facklam served as a Senior Environmental Analyst with LCS. In that capacity, she maintained databases for environmental information, coordinated operations for drilling and environmental fieldwork, classified soil and rock samples, performed physical laboratory soil testing, and wrote final reports. Before joining LCS, she worked at a local environmental consulting firm where she performed various duties as a Geologist and Environmental Specialist.